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Film Festival will bring in money and buzz about Macon

Many directors come to the event, and they are expected to pull out the Benjamins while they are here.

MACON, Ga. — The Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau says it's not a long shot for this year’s Film Festival to bring in $350,000.

Justin Andrews is with the Macon Film Festival and he's already seeing guests pull in and pull out the Benjamins.

“They'll be checking into hotel rooms," he said. "I know 45 is slammed right now.” 

Call it a blockbuster situation.

“Just show that Macon has a lot to offer just besides the culture and the music we are getting to be known for all the films we are doing as well,” Justin said with a smile.

There are economic impact numbers on the Macon film festival. But the number you can't calculate just yet is directors talking to directors and possibly down the line bringing another big film to Central Georgia.

“A lot of that happens during the film festival,” Justin said confidently.

Aaron Buzza is with the Macon Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

“You've got folks coming to town that are looking at Macon and saying I want to go back because I want to shoot a movie at Luther Williams field,” he projected.

As a cheerleader for Macon, Buzza is going to push the envelope a little bit.

“We are going to put visiting directors visiting filmmakers on a bus and we're going to take a tour of locations around Macon,” he described.

Along with the film festival, Buzza will frame Macon in its best light. He's hoping to hit the mark for future productions that might bring even more Benjamins to Central Georgia.

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