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Macon Doctor wins Conch Blowing Contest

Dr. Brian Cardis practiced for twenty minutes before the event.

MACON, Ga. — A lot of us have hidden talents, stuff that might even surprise our friends and family.

You may say Dr. Brian Cardis was a fish out of water.

After all Macon is land locked, the closest body of water is Lake Tobesofkee.

"This year we happened to be in Key West for the annual conch blowing contest," he said.

Brian did this stint a few years back.

His conch sounds weren't compelling so he threw his shell in for another round in 2023.

His wife Crystal wasn't surprised.

"I was kind of like seriously but then of course we are," she said.

"I was able to bring more of my A game this year," Brian said.

Bringing his A game was more of a guppy effort.

"I practiced maybe a total of twenty minutes before the competition," he said.

The crowd took a shine to his shell show, this time he won.

"Do you think this might go to his head?  I think it already has," she said.

To be transparent, Brian did have a secret weapon, he's played the trumpet for decades.

"So to generate the sound the hole at the end of the conch is like a trumpet mouthpiece so when you put that up to your lips you just have to buzz to generate a sound," he said.

"I did not know this was going to happen I knew among our friends and family it would be a big hullabaloo," Crystal joked.

When Crystal says this, she means all the fame that's come crawling along in the contest's wake.

"Well it's really amazing I've had people contacting me from all across the world believe it or not about this we've had people from Australia and Canada and even Indonesia," Brian said.

Call him the conch guy or King Conch.

I only had one question left.

"Are you going to serve him conch fritters for dinner?" 

"No I'll make him take me to Key West for conch fritters," Crystal said with a smile.

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