ATLANTA- Indeed, Atlanta's has its very own web-slinging, "friendly neighborhood hero". Going about his day in custom-made Spider-Man masks, "Petie Parker" embodies "Spidey" and pays homage to the man behind the mask of his favorite childhood superhero, Peter Parker.

According to Petie, he has a lot in common with Peter Parker from Marvel's iconic comic books and films.

"We're both from Queens, we're both nerds, we both have an Aunt May, and we both sling webs", Parker said. As a professional web-designer by day, Petie "slings his webs" with his clients.

"I used to have a corporate position", Parker said. "One day, I had an opportunity to do some freelance work for a store's website. My freelance work began to grow so I made an alias, "Petie Parker", and it stuck. It became a good marketing tool."

The "Petie Parker" brand really began to take off when one of his photography clients agreed to take one picture of him per week in a Spider-Man mask for social media. "That's when I realized that people really liked the concept of a black, Atlanta Spidey", Parker said.

Petie Parker has been going by this alias for seven years and has worn the mask for two years. Parker says he finds a lot of joy in being the self-proclaimed "Atlanta's black Spider-man". "I think being Atlanta's black Spider-Man is really cool because of the kids. I love to see how people react, especially kids", Petie continues. "Honestly, it's enough for me to see how kids react and to inspire others to be creative."

Continuing the "Petie Parker" brand, he intends to host an art show showcasing all of Petie's custom-made masks.