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Milledgeville professor captures Georgia through a lens

Chris Greer has a new book called 'Naturally Georgia' that explores Georgia landscapes.

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Nowadays we're all kind of photographers with cell phones in our pocket.

But the folks that really search out light, subjects, and atmosphere can capture an image that will take your breath away.

Chris Greer is hoping his latest project will give you an idea for a weekend trip, and his students a better view of Georgia.

Greer is a professor at Georgia College and State University he got his first camera when he was 12 years old.

"I've been on a hike that started at 3:15 in the morning but you have to do that if you're a landscape photographer," he said with a smile.

As an educator, Greer is used to early mornings. 

After 16 years on the GCSU campus, some of the stately columns are a favorite subject.

"Just seeing these columns and the way the branches arc over the columns and create a frame in the background," he described while looking at the architecture.

He's framed up some peach state spaces from the coast to the mountains in his new book 'Naturally Georgia'.

Although this area, Central Georgia, is a favorite because of its history and adventure on backroads.

"Still so much of it is underdeveloped there's old cabins homesteads barns lots of cow pastures and rolling farmland with horses grazing so for me with my style of photography it's a landscape photographers paradise," he admitted.

Greer teaches media to graduate and undergraduate students.

His passion, which includes drone photography and television work with Georgia Public Broadcasting, goes hand in hand with his syllabus.

"How important imagery is and telling a story is for understanding and learning about a topic and doing so in a way that you remember it and it's not just something you memorize," he described.

And for folks not earning a grade, he wants these photographs to jumpstart your imagination.

"We just have a wealth of different locations that anybody could drive to any weekend so I hope my book inspires them to get out and see some new beautiful places here in Georgia," he projected.

'Naturally Georgia' retails for $35, and you can find it in bookstores and Amazon.


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