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Iconic 'Stranger Things' house listed for sale in Georgia

The home of Will, Jonathan and Joyce Byers is currently listed for sale online. Here are the details.
Credit: AP Photo/Sandy Cohen

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — A house featured in Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things" has been listed for sale in Fayetteville, Georgia. However, buyers beware, you may find yourself encountering demogorgons and making some unexpected trips to the Upside Down. 

The home of Will, Jonathan and Joyce Byers is currently listed for sale online for $300,000. The listing may bring back some Hawkins nostalgia from earlier seasons– the home made frequent appearances as Joyce and Jonathan desperately searched for Will in Season 1. 

Joyce filled the home with Christmas lights and painted alphabet letters on the walls in many attempts to communicate with her youngest son. 

Credit: AP Photo/Sandy Cohen

For several seasons, the Byers' home was frequently used as a meeting place where Mike, Dustin and the rest of the gang shared secret information with Eleven. 

Sitting on six acres, the three-bedroom two-bath layout features an open floor plan with a fireplace and retro accents. The single-family, ranch-style home is approximately 1,846 square feet with plenty of room for supernatural visitors. The home is a bit of a fix-upper, as it was built in 1900. 

The 122-year-old home is surrounded by woods and even comes with its own barn.

Check out the photos below for the full spooky vibe of the home. 

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