If you thought still, lifeless emojis were too much to handle, you may want to take a seat. But, if you have ever asked yourself, "Why can't emojis sing 'Bohemian Rhapsody?'-- today's your lucky day.

As part of Apple's new iPhone X (pronounced "ten") came a new, advanced front-facing camera; one that uses face-scanning technology to unlock the phone, use ApplePay, download apps, and most importantly, bring life to the already animated emojis. Animojis, a feature exclusively available on the iPhone X, uses the front-facing camera to track the movements of one's facial expressions to create short, 10-second videos to send to friends, family, and social media.


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Animojis features 12 different faces, including a fox, a robot, a pig, and even the infamous poop emoji. While the feature was designed for entertainment, naturally the endless internet communities got a hold of it. And, just like that, a new stardom was born.


Take for instance a chicken singing Taylor Swift, or a trio of farm animals covering 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.' No, it doesn't end there; rather, that's just the beginning. Twitter users have flooded social media with rap songs, stand-up acts and movie scenes -- all featuring the faces of the ever-curious emojis.

Take a break, relax, and if you're an iPhone X user, dive into the world of Animojis. Sources confirm they, too, get a kick out their newfound fame.