When Joani White left her job as a jewelry maker to become a full-time photographer, she had a vision. It was a vision that has taken nine years to come in to focus.

"It was just a dream realized," White said.

What Joani desired was to photograph every continent in the world.

She started her journey in 2009 and has captured lions in Africa, sunsets in Asia and waterfalls in South America.

In fact, she quickly made it to every continent, except one.

"Antarctica," she said with a laugh. "Save the best one for last, in my opinion."

Just last month, Joani bundled up, caught a ride on an Antarctic expedition and finally completed her journey.

For nearly three weeks, she photographed penguins, seals and some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the images she gathered left her speechless.

“It really was heaven on earth," she said. "A little slice of heaven on earth.”

Although the goal was personal, Joani says there's a greater purpose behind her pictures.

She says if people see the world through her lens, they'll be more inclined to take care of it.

"A lot of people it's out of sight, out of mind," she said. "For me to be able to bring these images back, it brings it to their forefront."

Joani says, so far, the response has been great.

The only question that remains is where will she go from here?

"I guess outer space is the only place that's left," she laughed.

It should be exciting to see what she develops.