Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Funerals let us say goodbye to the people we knew best, but motorcyclists with the veteran's organization American Legion rode in to the Fort Jackson cemetery for a man they didn't know at all.

The man was Sergeant Gregory Politte. He served his country for 11 years in the Air Force, but had no family and no friends to claim him.

"It just bothers me because they sacrificed for our country and we owe to to them to be buried properly," said Steven Goulet, one of the organizers with the American Legion.

Goulet says that's why the group stepped in.

"Military is family, regardless of service," Goulet said. "This cemetery is filled with brothers and sisters of mine."

Goulet says they weren't going to let their brother leave this world alone.

"Their country asked them to do something, and they did," Goulet said. "I think that it's important that they're buried with honor, dignity, and respect."

The box Goulet was buried in was made by juveniles at the Department of Juvenile Justice.

If you know of an unclaimed veteran in a similar situation, you can call the American Legion to ask about a free interment service.