MACON, Ga. — Mother's Day is on Sunday

Just like Easter, this holiday will look different than usual for many people.

Communities are starting to open, but there are still people sheltering in place.

13WMAZ's Suzanne Lawler spoke to her own mother about the situation.

"My parents are in their mid-seventies and they've quarantined since early March down in Florida," Suzanne said said " I can't see them because we all feel it's too dangerous. But like many families, we've found new ways to show we care."

Judy Lawler never thought she wouldn't see her daughter for an extended period of time because of COVID-19.

"It's something that we never thought would happen in our lifetime, but we have to adjust to because it's the new normal," Judy said.

And the new normal relies on reaching out to loved ones via technology.

"It's not like the real thing, like a big hug, but it's very close and it's as close as we're going to get right now," Judy said.

Mavis Trice lives in Central Georgia at the Carlyle Place retirement community.

Trice has had happy times there, but she says this Mother's Day she will carry a sadness in her heart.

Her son, Chris, died of a respiratory illness last winter. Trice says the family will never know if it was COVID-19.

"He passed away December 15," she said.

Her other son, Matt, can't visit on Mother's day because, like many assisted living centers, the campus is closed to visitors because of the virus.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way. I want to be protected and I want all my friends here at Carlyle Place to be protected," Trice said.

Trice says she has cried plenty of tears, but she doesn't wallow in her sorrow.

"I can live in the mullygrub of that or I can get outside of myself, think of somebody else, do something kind, or say a kind word," Trice said.

Both Judy and Trice say they are looking forward to the day we can all get those special in-person hugs again.

"You just have to think about the future and be safe now in the present so that you have a future," Judy said.

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