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New River North owners want inclusivity at Macon golf course

The course has a long history in Macon.

MACON, Ga. — River North Golf and Country Club has a near 50 year record in the community.

The history of the course goes a lot farther back and now it's all coming full circle.

Childers Adams grandfather built River North Golf and Country Club in 1974.

"Here's some shots of Grandpa and Gary Player when he was designing the course," Adams said while holding a black and white photo.  "He was the touring pro for a couple of years and would come down to Macon and host golf clinics."  

Adams is the grandson who has books of memories.

"Macon is always where we came to grandma's house," he said. 

Adams s now a part owner with Gary Martin as well as veterinarian and TV-star Vernard Hodges of the Critter Fixers.

A lot of people know the facility as Healy Point. 

Originally, the land was owned by an interracial couple in the 1800's.  He was white and she was African American and they had a plantation on the property.

"He made a point to honor them here as he did with that statue up front," Adams said about his grandfather.

There is a memorial rock on private land in the subdivision.

It's not lost on Hodges that he is a part of history as the club's first black owner on land where other African American's toiled in the soil.

"Being African American in the golf industry we aren't included, not a lot of inclusivity with the history of Healy Point and at one point this being a plantation. It's just a place where everyone can come, it doesn't matter who you are. Have a diverse culture and hopefully me being a partner people can see," Hodges said.

Down the road, the three have big plans for River North.

"We're going to change this beautiful facility to make it just homey so everyone feels included and it's amazing for everyone," Hodges said.

An open invitation on ground where it used to be far from reality.


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