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Marie Baptist named after landowner's daughter

It has a fascinating history that dates back to a man donating some land with some stipulations.

DUBLIN, Ga. — Pastor Bobby Hutto at Marie Baptist church says it has a rich history.

Colonel Perry as I understand it he had fought in the civil war and he had a piece of land he was willing to sell for a school house and he had two conditions one that it could also be used as a place of worship and also that it be named after his daughter, he explained.

Parishioner Helen Hobbs continued the story.

“Her name was Mar-IE that's the way her name was pronounced and the church was named after her and the older group they still called it Mar-IE, she said.

Today folks just call it Marie Baptist Church.
Helen knows the history because she is literally part of it.
She began coming to the church in 1943 and has spent a good many of those years playing the piano and organ.

“Just a concrete place they put water in it and baptized, that was before we put it in the church, she said while looking at a sepia photo of an old baptismal concrete pool.

“It was established in 1899 so in a couple of years we're going to celebrate a couple of years of being here, Pastor Hutto said.

Hutto is marking his 20th year as pastor. When he came in he made some big changes with a one point one million dollar project.

“This is actually three times more capacity, he said while walking down the aisle at a bigger sanctuary on the property.

They built a new church connected to the historic chapel which is still used for weddings and funerals.
And the older sanctuary with its stately tower is still the dominant feature on the property.

Doctor Andy Bozeman grew up in the church.

“It's been said it's the most beautiful church in Laurens county I would go beyond that and say it's the most beautiful church I've ever seen and I'm partial to that but when you crest the hill you'll see that, he said with a grin.

Andy says sure the congregation has gone through ups and downs but he and many others feel the church is a cornerstone in their lives.

“Your family expands it grows it's a rock to lean into somewhere that's constant,” he said. “Where are your roots where do you belong what has meaning and the church fills that.”

“A lot of memories I was married in this sanctuary my husband's funeral was in this sanctuary and of course, I joined the church and it looked different, Helen explained.

“I can't say that we're a church that tries to do big things but just be faithful day to day, Pastor Hutto said.

There is nothing wrong with that in fact pretty sure Mar-IE or Marie whichever way you prefer to call it would be proud.


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