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'Thank God for them:' Little girls call for help while great-grandmother has stroke, save her life

Aubri, 8, and Alani, 5, were with their great-grandmother at her Cobb County home when they heard a big noise in the kitchen.

One minute, they were playing.

The next, a pair of sisters were saving their own great-grandmother's life.

It was Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Aubri, 8, and Alani, 5, were with their great-grandmother Jean Story at her Cobb County home, playing, as little girls should when they heard a big noise in the kitchen.

"We just ran into the kitchen to see if something was wrong," Aubri remembered. That's where the 8-year-old noticed her MeMa couldn't speak. She was having a stroke.

“We knew we had to call somebody, so we called our mom,” Aubri told only 11Alive's Hope Ford.

But, the phone was locked.

Somehow, Story was able to instruct Aubri how to unlock the phone so they could call for help.

The two young girls remembered how scared they were.

"I was crying, because I was nervous if she would be OK," 5-year-old Alani explained.

But because they pushed through their fears, their MeMa is still alive, a fact that makes their mother so proud of how they handled the situation. And their great aunt, Tami Carter, echoed that sentiment.

"These two girls right here saved my mom’s life," Carter stated simply.

Aubri and Alani's MeMa is in the hospital and couldn’t make it to 11Alive's interview with them, but she still sent a video, because she wanted to make sure the world knew about her two little angels.

“Thank God for them," Story, who is still hospitalized, managed.

Unfortunately, she suffered another stroke Sunday night but is resting, hoping to have a surgery by Tuesday or Wednesday to unblock her carotid artery, which is 70 percent blocked. Then, hopefully, she'll be back to playing with her great-granddaughters very soon.

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