We’re taking a dive into just how deep the talent goes at 13WMAZ.

Over the next few weeks, we are sharing the talents of some of the 13WMAZ news team that go “beyond the camera.”

This week, we started in the kitchen, baking cookies with 13WMAZ morning anchor Katelyn Heck.

Q: How did you learn the trade and what have you done to enhance it overtime?

A: I did a story on The Cookie School, and I just loved it. And I realized how easy it would be to do cookies, so I went back for another class. Then, I took grad school as it's called; and I just kept practicing and practicing, and falling in love with it even more. Then, I went and got my PhD in cookie school as they call it, and then I was able to even start teaching cookie classes. 

Q: What’s the process? How long does it usually take to make a batch?

A: I usually try to give myself a three or four day window just because I do it after work, so I only have a couple of hours a day before I start to get a little tired and things get a little sloppier. So, I bake one day, and that usually takes about an hour or so depending on how many I'm baking. Then, I ice the next day and do a lot of detail work on the third day, and that'll give it enough time to dry before I can pack it all up and give it to whoever ordered it the next day.

Q: Who/what events have you made cookies for?

A: I had some vacation time last Christmas shortly after I had gotten my PhD, and people were just asking me to make Christmas cookies for their Christmas parties and so I did. I would post pictures of it, and next thing I knew people were calling me for all kinds of events. I've done baby showers, and bridal showers, and Kentucky Derby parties, and football tailgates. People have just asked for so many different things, and it's been so fun to see my cookies being a part of people's big events and them enjoying that, and that brings me a lot of joy.

Q: Your favorite design so far?

A: I feel like every time I do a batch of cookies that's my favorite because every time I do a batch, I try a new technique. I try to challenge myself and do something a little bit differently. Even if it's the same design I made a couple of months before, I try to do something different and challenge myself a little more. So, I don't know if I have a favorite design, but I've definitely had some that were really special to me. Making them for family and friends for their big events and being a part of that in doing something that I love too has been really great. 

Katelyn says the biggest focus with cookies is to make sure they taste just as good as they look.