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Texas woman escorts family of ducks off beltway

Amanda Delaney said it's not the first time she's come to the rescue of an animal before.

HOUSTON — A Houston woman experienced one of the cuter traffic scenes we've ever seen Monday morning.

Amanda Delaney said she came to the rescue of a family of ducks that were waddling along the shoulder of the Sam Houston Tollway.

When she spotted the ducks, she pulled up behind them with her flashers on and followed them for 90 minutes until they fell through a grate in the road.

"The goal was to save the ducks, keep them safe, but also do not cause a wreck or damage to anybody else," Delaney said. "At first I was a little concerned when they got to the grate and kinda fell in. But then I thought, 'This all goes to water eventually, or exits somewhere.'"

It's not the first time Delaney's come to the rescue of an animal in need. She said a few years ago she rescued a white rat in a pool, which she eventually made her pet.

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