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Nelson the dog needs help after found with zip tie around genitals, emergency surgery

With help from UGA's vet team, Nelson has a second chance at life.

JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. — Authorities are investigating after a dog was found suffering and bleeding after someone tightened a zip tie around his genitals in Jackson County.

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia said Nelson has not stopped crying since the pup came into their care. Workers said he was found "cold, hungry, disoriented, and wandering the side of the road without a clue as to how he got there or why," until he was found by a community member.

It was the good samaritan that noticed Nelson was in what was described as excruciating pain, according to the shelter, noting a "zip tie had been tied so tightly" Nelson's genitals had become swollen. Shelter leaders said the tissue in that area had begun to die.

"And as you can imagine, this was unbearably painful for poor Nelson," the organization said.

Nelson was rushed into emergency surgery in an effort to save the organ's function, according to The Humane Society.

"Unfortunately, after every attempt, it was concluded that he had suffered from penile necrosis due to strangulation of the organ," a spokesperson with the organization said. The condition is described to be rare and devastating, with grim outcomes. 

The Humane Society said Nelson's genitals couldn't be saved, but the University of Georgia's veterinary team was able to redirect his urethra to save the dog's urinary function and improve his chances for a new life. In the meantime, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said animal control is investigating the case as abuse.

The young pup is currently safe in the care of a loving foster family, the shelter said, but he will need more help to make a full recovery.

"Even the simple act of urinating is agonizing for Nelson, so he will need extensive care and pain medication until he has healed," they said.

The Humane Society is now asking for emergency funds to help stop Nelson's pain. People can make a donation through the shelter's Season of Saves initiative.

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