MACON, Ga. — Coldwell Banker on Bass Road participated in its first 'Homes for Dogs' adoption event on Saturday morning.

The event is held nationwide by Coldwell Banker. It is an opportunity for the community to get to know local foster organizations like The Pixel Fund and Furever After Rescue.

There were plenty of dogs, big and small, at the event up for adoption. They were all looking for a forever home.

Jessica Otting is a volunteer for Coldwell Banker and The Pixel Fund, she says she hopes this event can get dogs out of crowded shelters and into loving homes.

“We need to spay and neuter, more people to adopt, and if we get those dogs out of the shelter, that means less are going to be euthanized," Otting said. "Because they can only hold so many, and once their time is up and they're full, regulations are they have to be put down."

If you’re interested in helping foster an animal, head to The Pixel Fund's website or to the Furever After Rescue website to find out how you can help.

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