MACON, Ga. — With school out, summer camps have been in full swing all season. This is especially true for the kids at Wesleyan College's equestrian camp.

The week-long, horse-centric camp teaches kids ages 8-12 how to properly ride and take care of horses. Campers work on arts & crafts projects, and even paint some of the horses.

"I have children here this week that have never ridden a horse before, that had no experience coming in," says Wesleyan's head equestrian coach, Catherine Baker.

Baker has been at Wesleyan since the fall of 2018 and says she is living her dream, working with horses.

Campers also learn different riding styles from English and Western to cowboy-style roping.

Working with horses gives kids room to be confident and develop their communication skills. 

"They are learning to do something, something they couldn't do yesterday that they couldn't do this morning," says Baker. "Horses give us that incredible gift."

Wesleyan's next equestrian camp begins July 15 and will be geared towards middle and high schoolers with more experience with horses.

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