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Buying local in Macon is easy at the Mulberry Market

You can get a variety of locally produced goods every Wednesday at Tattnall Square Park

MACON, Ga. — Unique locally grown and handmade products, fresher food, and a connection to the community.

According to research by the Advocates for Independent Business, you get all these things when you buy local. At the Mulberry Market, you'll find a lot more than just fresh produce.

“I come here every Wednesday for the cinnamon rolls – they’re off the chain,” said Judy Samuels.

When it comes to baked goods, Samuels says there’s nothing quite like the farmer’s market at Tattnall Square Park.

“These are fresh. The taste makes the boxed ones – [they] don't even compare. Warm them up with a hot cup of coffee and you're set to go,” she said.

A little something sweet can make a big difference in Central Georgia.

“Our vendors are from four of five connecting counties to Bibb County, so we’re keeping the money local,” said market manager Lacey Resch.

In exchange for those local dollars? Fresher products made right in your backyard.

“The food here is very local, so something that you might buy over at one of our tents was picked this morning or yesterday morning rather than being picked last week or two weeks ago not at the height of ripeness and trucked across the country,” said Resch.

The farmer’s market in Tattnall Square Park is open every Wednesday except for two weeks out of the year -- the Wednesday before thanksgiving and the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

For more info on the market, click here.