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From waffle cones to milkshakes: Macon restaurant is more than just 'show food'

The chicken waffle cones and the bowls are some of the most popular dishes at this new restaurant.

MACON, Ga. — Get ready for an "egg-cellent" lunch at one of Macon's newest eateries.

Chick'n Cone has only been open for about 6 weeks now, but they are already making a mark on the Macon food market.

Their menu is very diverse, and their food is different - yet delicious. 

They sell chicken in waffle cones, a different take on the classic dish of chicken and waffles. 

They hand-make the cones and shape them before chopping up freshly made chicken tenders and tossing them in sauce before filling the cone and drizzling your choice of dressing on top.

In the spirit of Christmas, all of their waffle cones are red and green!

They also offer several side options, like Cajun corn and mac and cheese. And don't forget dessert! Their hand spun milkshakes are quickly becoming a fan favorite.

If you want to try some for yourself, Owner Wesley Kostovetsky has some suggestions.

"We're called Chick'n Cone so I would obviously suggest the chicken cone, its really really good. Its a hand-rolled waffle cone; we put chicken inside and then we toss the tenders in one of our 8 different sauces," he said.  "Another really good menu option that it seems like the hospital is living off at this point is our milkshakes. We hand spin them in the back. We've got caramel, vanilla, and chocolate, and then we typically have a limited-time offer."

The restaurant is doing very well in Macon and sees a pretty full lunch rush as well as some more business at night time. 

Kostovetsky owns the business with his wife, Fabiola, and they say that they originally got the idea to sell the chicken waffle cones while living in Southern Florida.

"We tried it in South Florida for the first time, and thought it was really just show food, that it just looked good in pictures, but after we tried it a couple times, we were like 'man this is a really good product,'" he said.

In addition to being a great product, the food does indeed look good in pictures - so if you want some good eats as well as good photos for the gram, this is the place to go. 

And don't worry! If chicken in a cone just isn't for you, the restaurant also has more classic menu items like chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches. 

Although the cone is delicious, especially if you like the sweet and salty combination. 

So, whether you like taking food risks or prefer to play it safe - you should definitely try it out for yourself.

Chick'n Cone is located at 860 Forsyth Street across from the Atrium Health medical center. They are open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week.

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