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Dovetail in downtown Macon welcomes new head chef

A new menu item that Lane Richardson created will be taking a spot on the menu beginning Tuesday.

MACON, Ga. — There is always something new happening in downtown Macon. Recently, Dovetail welcomed a new head chef into the kitchen.

Lane Richardson is a Perry native and a Helms College Culinary Arts Program graduate. He's been working at Dovetail since 2017.

He says working in the Dovetail kitchen was his dream job while in school. He enjoys having creative freedom and working with his team.

"I love to eat, but what I really enjoy the most is when someone has an emotional connection to something they eat," he said. "If I can take a bite of something, and it makes me feel like I'm seven years old and we're at my grandma's house, then that's what I'm going for."

A new menu item that he created will be taking a spot on the menu on Tuesday.

It is a roasted brisket from Caldwell Farms with Carolina gold rice, tomato broth, and apple-glazed bell pepper relish.

"It's supposed to taste like my memory of my grandma's stuffed bell peppers. I was thinking about how much I liked eating them as a kid and wanted to make that on a plate but in a way that would work for a fine dining setting,"

Richardson says it is never a dull day in the kitchen. He says he wants to help people be more adventurous eaters.

"I'm cooking every night. I'm trying to come up with new dishes for the menu and for specials that will sell well but also maybe will be things that other people haven't thought of," Richardson said.

His love of cooking goes back to his teens when he would prepare small meals for his siblings. Sparking joy in himself and others inspired him to continue creating.

At the end of the day, for Richardson, it is all about joy.

"And I like making people happy, you know. If I can make something with my brain and hands that gives someone joy, that makes my day," he said.

Dovetail is open seven days a week and is located above the Rookery on Cherry Street in downtown Macon.

Brad Stevens is the former Dovetail Head Chef and now works as the Executive Chef at Natalia's.

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