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Dry January: Where to get non-alcoholic drinks in Macon

Participating in dry January? Here's a few local places that have non-alcoholic options for those who still want to sip away.

MACON, Ga. — Dry January is in full motion, and several people are participating in the resolution to avoid alcohol for this month.

However, you can continue going out drinking with your friends! 

Several restaurants in Macon have nonalcoholic options to offer with your meal and even feature mocktails to make sure you feel included.

13WMAZ has compiled a list of a few options when planning your night out:

1. Just Tap'd 

Just Tap'd offer several items that are non-alcoholic, including a ginger brew root beer for kids and adults. It is manufactured by the brand Maine Root and is also caffeine free! So it's a perfect option to include your kids or to sip on a delicious root beer while out with your friends.

2. Kinjo Kitchen + Cocktails

Kinjo offers several non-alcoholic options that are more than just soft drinks, including Fever Tree Ginger Beer. Don't be fooled by the name- this drink is entirely non-alcoholic and is safe to drink with your dinner.

3. Philosophie Wine Bar

Philosophie will have several mocktails on their menu for people participating in dry January. One in particular features cranberry, ginger beer, and a sugar and orange zest rim over ice. They call it the 'Cranberry Spritzer.' There are several other mocktail options, but you can stop in and see the whole menu for yourself.

4. Hightales Rooftop Bar at Hotel 45

Hightails always makes sure to have non-alcoholic options for people who need them and will make a mocktail, especially for you, based on what fruit and flavors you like. So, this is an excellent place to visit if you want to see some good views while also staying away from the hard stuff.

Even if you don't pick one of these places, many eateries will make your drinks without alcohol or make a mocktail for you at the bar. 

It is a good practice to call the place you go beforehand and ask if they offer a non-alcoholic option. 

If any other restaurants have non-alcoholic specials or serve mocktails for those in dry January, they can reach out to be added to the list. 

13WMAZ will update this list as more information becomes available.

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