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A dynamic duo: hot coffee and frozen yogurt all in one place in Hawkinsville

Parkin' Latte started as a mobile trailer, but now it has moved into a permanent location with fro-yo shop Yummy Frozen Yogurt.

HAWKINSVILLE, Ga. — In Hawkinsville, you can get a sweet treat and a morning pick-me-up all in the same place!

Parkin' Latte started out as a mobile trailer, but now it has moved into a permanent location with fro-yo shop Yummy Frozen Yogurt.

"It was definitely a leap of faith and just something that we felt like we couldn't pass up on," Parkin' Latte owner Briana Harris said. 

She says Yummy Frozen Yogurt owner Ramsey Howard owns the building, and when he knew he wasn't going to use all of it, he reached out to her about teaming up. 

Howard's shop opened up in March as an idea between him and his wife. 

"It's just something, we felt that Hawkinsville needed something new, something different for people around here and people traveling through," he said. "We get a lot of people traveling through Hawkinsville, needed somewhere for them to go and enjoy something different."

They have a bunch of flavors from Georgia Peach, to Cake Batter, to classics like Chocolate and Vanilla. 

Of course, there is also an iced coffee flavor.

Yummy Frozen yogurt also offers low sugar and vegan fro-yo options, and try to change out flavors as often as they can. 

Howard says the coffee and yogurt shop is like a dynamic duo. 

"What better you know, the parents want a cup of coffee, or a latte or an iced coffee, come down here let the kids come with them, they get yogurt. It's the best of both worlds," he said.

If you loved being able to find Parkin' Latte across the community, don't worry, Harris says she still takes the trailer out for food truck festivals and other events. 

She says soon, the truck will have a permanent location in a parking lot in Hawkinsville where people will always be able to find it. 

Harris will also be rolling out a bottled version of your favorite Parkin' Latte drinks, so you can take them with you on the go or pick up at the drive-thru! 

Both Harris and Howard say they love being neighbors in the same building.

"It's exciting to be in a storefront with a different business," Harris said. "Getting to collaborate and do things together and bring something to Hawkinsville that they don't have." 

"It's the best combination ever. It couldn't work out any better,"  Howard said. "You know everybody loves coffee, myself included. So I was as excited for Parkin' Latte to be here as I was for the yogurt."

You can find out more about hours and new products on Parkin' Latte and Yummy Frozen Yogurt's Facebook pages. 


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