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On the Table Macon invites people to share a meal and their thoughts

It's free and easy to join a table (or several) to participate in On The Table Macon conversations

The Community Foundation of Central Georgia is hoping that a simple conversation around the dinner table can lead to changes in the community

Organizers say that the goal of this Wednesday’s ‘On the Table’ event is to bring people together from across Macon-Bibb County so they can talk about issues that are important to them and make the county a better place to work and live.

Hosting a dinner party can be challenging for domestically-challenged people, but former director for the Tubman Museum – Carey Pickard – has tips for people planning on getting a group together to share a meal.

“I was the director of the Tubman Museum for many years and a lot of people said the best thing I did during my years at the Tubman was bringing people together to eat and drink together,” said Pickard. “I think that’s so important that we gather as a community. What’s happening this week is so exciting because I think it’s a chance for us to learn from one another and build a stronger and more vibrant community.”

Pickard says there’s no such thing as a perfect party, but you should live in the moment and not focus on what could go wrong.

“The presentation matters, but the presentation needs to look like you. The presentation really should reflect who you are, not necessarily what you saw on television or in a magazine,” he said. “Pull out your grandmother’s china, pull out the stuff that you’ve got that you think makes things feel special but don’t worry about if there’s a crack in the glass or if you see a smudge on a fork, It’s really about the people, not the place setting.”

He acknowledges that we live in a time where people are more passionate about politics than ever, and although it’s a fine line to walk, you must make sure the discussion stays respectful.

“If you’re focused on your guests and make each of them feel like they’re there because you care about them, it’ll be a great party,” he said.

For more information on the Oct. 17 event, visit www.onthetablemacon.com

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