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Peeps Cereal is on Target store shelves now and the internet is going crazy for it

Word is, yes, it'll make the milk in your cereal taste like marshmallows.
Credit: Kellogg's
Peeps cereal from Kellogg's

The internet is going wild over the news that Kellogg’s has released a new cereal inspired by the Easter candy Peeps.

The “breakfast food” has white marshmallows with pink, blue, and yellow cereal pieces covered in sugary dots reminiscent of those found on Apple Jacks or Oreo O's, reports PopSugar.

Scrolling through the social feeds it looks like the cereal is only available at Target for now.

The reviews are pretty good:

“When you open it up you get a huge wiff of vanilla. If you look closely you can see those white dots that look very similar to oreo os! In fact, I’m pretty sure these are golden oreo os! Slightly smaller and of course some blue and pink ones and marshmallows but other then that... golden oreo os. They have that same exact vanilla sugary taste! Super sweet but super yummy🤤” munchiebunchie posted on Instagram.

By the way, if you really want to up your Peeps breakfast game. Yes, there's a Peeps coffee creamer, too.