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Central Georgia restaurant opens up 24 hours after water pipe burst due to cold weather

Props assistant GM Riley Harris said employees came the day after Christmas to clean the restaurant and open the next day.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Plumbers and first responders are staying busy this holiday season after the arctic blast caused water pipes to pop all over central Georgia. This left homes, apartments and even businesses filled with gallons of water they didn't expect. 

Assistant general manager Riley Harris was called to the restaurant after the alarms at PROPS Steakhouse and Seafood went off. When Harris arrived, she said water was coming from under the entry doors and flooding the dining room. 

Christianson Air Conditioning and Plumbing say the busiest time for plumbers is September through December because of the change in weather which causes the pipes to burst. Harris says she had to make a few calls to fix the problem. 

"We had Rodney from Falcon Fire come and fix out piping. Dale, he looked at the water damage and let us know the best plan of action going forward," Harris said.

Sous chef Marcus Redding said it was dark, and the water was getting high. He said it looked, but with help from the fire department, "they came in, everything is fine, everything is cleared up, no more leaks, and it looks like we're open for business and we get to stay open, so it was great."

Harris said employees came in to remove the water, clean up the debris and prepare to bring back customers. 

"It's very important to us. Our community is our biggest supporter, so we have to be open for the people," Harris said.

Both say they plan to continue serving good food and bringing quality service to their customers.

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