MACON, Ga. — On Valentine's Day, people often take their significant other out to dinner or show their love in other ways. Friday, two people who were once homeless tied the knot at a very unique location.

A day most people dream about is when they walk down the aisle to wed that special loved one. It took a while for Eddie and Bertha to get there -- their story started 17 years ago in Athens.

"She was walking up the street from one of my first cousin's house and I'd been had noticed her, and we met in front of Captain D's," Eddie Appleby said. 

When Eddie first saw Bertha, he knew she was the one.

"From the shape she had, the height, I knew that was my kind of woman," Eddie said. 

For Bertha, it took a little more convincing.

"It kind of shook me up a little bit when I first seen him," Bertha said.

For years, the two were inseparable, even when they had no place to sleep.

"A lot of times, a lot of times, the places that she was staying, I couldn't really stay there, but I would sneak in and out," Eddie said. 

Eddie says even when he had no money, faced jail time, and fought substance abuse, Bertha stayed by his side.

"I decided to just wait on him until he got out and stuff," Bertha said. 

Six months ago, they moved to Macon for a new start and got help from Loaves & Fishes Ministry.

"This ministry here has really helped me really spiritually," Eddie said. 

"We've been able to help them with prescriptions, groceries, and things like that," Judy Sexton with Loaves and Fishes said. 

Mr and Mrs Appleby
Wanya Reese

The couple went through premarital counseling and attended Bible study there, so when it came time to tie the knot, they knew it would be at Loaves & Fishes Ministry of Macon, in a place that put them on the path to their happily ever after.

Right now, the Applebys are staying at an extended stay hotel. Eddie says they are looking forward to having a dinner and talking with friends. 

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