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Central Georgia churches prepare for food drive filled weekend

10 local churches plan to give out over 2,000 boxes of fresh food to people in need

MACON, Ga. — Church leaders from across Central Georgia came to St. Peter's Baptist Church on Wednesday morning to prepare for a weekend full of food drives.

Pastors from 10 churches worked together to distribute over 2,000 boxes of fresh food and produce for several food giveaways.

"During this pandemic, we know everyone is affected in some sort of way. One of those ways is not having enough food," says Smith Street Baptist pastor, Willie Finney, Jr. 

Finney collaborated with Pastor Timothy Starks at Mount Nebo Baptist Church near Zebulon to bring in food from farms in North Georgia.

"They couldn't give [their produce] to the restaurants they normally give to, so they're pushing it down here so we can give it out to the people here," says Finney.

The group of pastors and community members also received help from Macon mayor candidate Cliffard Whitby, who provided a forklift and tractor to make loading boxes easier.

For Pastor Starks, it means a lot to join with church leaders from several different communities.

"It feels great to be able to partner with them to help take this movement of feeding people to not just one city but to multiple cities within the state of Georgia," says Starks.

These pastors plan to continue giving back to the community well past this weekend.

Finney says that more churches plan to hand out over 2,000 boxes of fresh food every two weeks.

"Church can come together. We are a community," says Finney. "The doors may be closed but the the church ain't closed. We still have to serve the people."


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