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'In me, something was created new': Central Georgia cancer survivor makes wood art as her second life purpose

Crystal Williams was diagnosed with Stage III cervical cancer in 2021. After completing treatment, she wants to share her artistic talents again.

BONAIRE, Ga. — In 2018, Crystal Williams prayed about her next steps in life. She says the lightbulbs went off and she went to the arts and crafts store to find her next venture.

With a Florida Gator paddle as her first art piece, Williams found her purpose in life. However, in late 2020, she started getting sick.

"I was told that I had fibroids and a lot of health issues began," Williams said.

In December 2021, Williams was diagnosed with Stage III cervical cancer. It's a cancer "that starts in the cells of the cervix." In Stage III, cervical cancer can spread to the lower third of the vagina and to the pelvic wall. This can cause kidney problems or involves lymph nodes. 

With treatment and chemotherapy, complete by August, Williams was able to get back to creating making art creations. She started her business Woodubmynes, LLC., and hasn't stopped. 

"I think that that helped me in my physical aspect of it to survive it and be here for my loved ones and for myself," Williams said.

From wood custom nameplates, coolers, and portraits, Williams sees this as a second chance at life.

"I create new things, and in me, something was created new, you know? The whole ordeal it was tough, but the rewards in the end, I just love it," Williams said.

The owner says doing this makes her excited to get up in the morning. She says she has found something that means more to her.

"Waking up knowing that I can do this -- I guess it's called a purpose, I don't know. I'm still finding it out myself, I'm a late bloomer -- but I love it. It's something I do. You turn nothing into something," Williams said.

You can find Williams on Facebook and on Instagram at Woodubmynes, LLC.

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