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Central Georgia Eagle Scout creates touching memorial for doctor

Dr. Eric Lincoln took care of Harrison when she dealt with scoliosis as a child.

MACON, Ga. — Taylor Harrison is part of an inaugural class of girls across the country to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

To get to that level, you have to do a community project.

Harrison completed the work with a symbol meant to honor a man who meant so much in her childhood.

Dr. Eric Lincoln was a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who fixed kids with broken bones and all kinds of stuff along those lines. He passed away a couple of years ago. He was dealing with heart issues, but he left an indelible mark behind, so much so that an Eagle Scout built a lasting tribute.

"He helped me with fixing my back with scoliosis," Taylor recalled.

Taylor Harrison was 12 when she walked into the Beverly Knight Olson Children's Hospital. Scoliosis is scary for a kid. Dr. Lincoln not only operated and helped her to walk, he provided reassurance in a tough time.

"Even after the surgery, up until he passed away, we had a friendship," she said with a smile.

Brandee Paullin worked side-by-side with Lincoln as a nurse practitioner.

"He had a secret hilarious side with the kids -- he could always crack a joke make them feel more comfortable about their surgery," she said.

Paullin says she's not surprised Taylor felt strongly about his care.

"He was just so passionate about what he did and such a caring person," she said.

On her way to earning the rank of Eagle Scout, Harrison raised $2,000 to bring the project to life.

The college student who wants to become a nurse says it's not only her way of remembering a special person, but it's also a chance to provide a little solace for anyone that comes to the hospital.

"I think it was good to do an area that's good for patients to come a quiet place, for parents that have been here for months," Taylor said.

Dr. Lincoln, whose nickname was "Fabio" because of his longer hair, was a shy kind of guy, but, no doubt, he would have smiled at this symbol of appreciation.

"He would be thrilled she did a beautiful job -- it's a great tribute," Paullin said.

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