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'There was pretty much an immediate spark': Central Georgia couples finding love straight from the heart

We talked to two couples. One found love online, and another met the old fashioned way.

MACON, Ga. — Tis' the season for love. But nowadays folks have more than just one way of finding the one. 

We talked to two couples: one who met online, and another who met the old fashioned way.

For many folks it's all about finding your soul mate. We all want someone who makes us feel special and with technology the road to love is a little different than before.

Damon and Jennifer Woodson met on Match.com.

"I think it worked out for us. I think," Damon Woodson said.

Their love story began more than 20 years ago before meeting online was common practice. 

"It was not normal and to put it in perspective I would use the modem dial up to get on Match.com," Damon said.

Jennifer agrees that dating was different when online dating was less popular. 

"My mom was just convinced I was going to meet a serial killer," Jennifer said.

The pair were looking for the same things in a partner.

"I think we were both looking for a long term relationship. I was 27, 28 when we got married. I mean we were both older," Jennifer said.

It worked out for them so they have faith in the power of the internet. 

"And as long as the profiles are accurate I think they can work for people," Damon said.

20 years and three children later. The Woodson's still feel the butterflies.

"I'm very happy. I'd give Match.com a hundred, an A+," Jennifer said.

"I think it's a real good tool for people who are slightly introverted," Damon said.

While the Woodson's were typing out messages online. Another couple's love story unfolded with handwritten letters. 

Katherine and her husband John Branch met as teenagers in school.

"Have always had a love for the written word, and his letters needed no correction," Katherine Branch said. "There was pretty much an immediate spark."

But the couple admits the fire was close to burning out at a few different points in their relationship.

"In high school there was one time I broke up with him and I was so mad and I said I will never marry John Branch," Katherine said.

They got back together but then had to navigate attending different colleges, and eventually-- a military deployment. The couple says internet connection wasn't very reliable, so they often communicated through pen and paper.

"A lot of his letters were like multiple letters in one. So, these are ones that he wrote to me," Katherine said.

But through each hardship they found a way back to each other.

"There's a Rascal Flats song called "God Blessed the Broken Road." We kind of taken that as our theme song because it says god blessed the broken road that brought me back to you," John Branch said.

No matter how it happens, hearts can always find a way home.   

You may be wondering: 'what is the best path to take when it comes to finding the one?' 

Online dating or an organic meeting?

We took those questions to Tonja Simmons Lee. She's the Executive Director for Counseling Services at Central Georgia Technical College.

"There's some research out there, and what they're saying is about 12% of the people that meet online are divorced. Or they divorce within the first three years," Lee said.

This of course means 88% of online relationships do last.

On the flip side she says about 3% of couples who meet the old-fashioned way end up divorcing in the first three years. 

This means based on research you're more likely to last as a couple by skipping the apps-- and initially meeting face-to-face. 

You can watch the whole interview with Tonja Simmons Lee about match making on the 13WMAZ YouTube page. 

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