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Pulaski County woman inspired by brother to raise autism awareness in her business

K&J Bows started just a few weeks ago, and part of the reason is to spread awareness about autism.

PULASKI COUNTY, Ga. — A Pulaski County woman expanded her new business because of her younger brother.

We went to Hawkinsville to show you how she 'tied' him into her business model. 

K & J Bows started just a few weeks ago, and part of its purpose is to spread awareness about autism.

A brother and a sister are 10 years apart in age, and closer than ever.

"He's my yin to my yang," Law said.

Aldrich said, "I love her very much."

When Derrick turned 18 months old, doctors diagnosed him with autism. Kiley says, she grew up watching people treat Derrick differently.

"I had to bit my tongue a lot, because a lot of people would say their little remarks," Law said.

But, his struggles inspired Kiley to make a difference, through her business, K & J Bows.

"I love giving and, I honestly want to spread awareness -- not just about my bows, but autism," Law said.

Derrick silently watches as she cuts, ties, and finishes new bows. 

"I just like bow ties in general," Aldrich said. "I like to put them on that are made, but not tie them."

"So many people around us make bows, and I just want to be different; and I thought of Derrick, what would Derrick do? And, I said, you know what, he loves ties and bow ties, so I can make bow ties for boys, too, not just girls," Law said.

"I kind of feel a little bit fancy in them," Aldrich said.

Law also, "He's shown me, that it's OK to be different, and that I want to strive to be different, because it makes you who you are, and I love him for it because he has taught me more than I have taught him."

She's sold about 100 bows, and she hopes to make more with Derrick by her side.

Her bows cost $5 to $10. By the end of this week, a boutique in Byron 'Fringe and Fray' will start selling her bows, but for now, you can buy a bow or bow tie online through her Facebook page.

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