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Troopers help distressed driver who discovered snake in floorboard while driving on interstate

The snake turned out to be harmless and, with the help of a South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper, has a new swampy home.

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — A South Carolina driver said she was very thankful for the quick actions of two state troopers who assisted her with a very serpentine issue - and we're not talking about a belt in the engine bay.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety shared the story on Friday of Mary Alice Simmons, who was driving on I-20 in Kershaw County when she noticed something in the passenger side floorboard. Authorities said she quickly realized, and to her dismay, that she had a passenger.

"I definitely freaked out. I'm surprised I didn't wreck!" Simmons told DPS officials.

Authorities said she managed to pull over and call 911, who put her in contact with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Officials said Senior Trooper Bruce Horton took the call and decided to drop by the office of a fellow trooper and longtime friend, Sgt. Jonathan "Ox" Oxandaboure.

"It was something different, so we were going to have a good time," Oxandaboure told highway officials of the interesting call.

Nerves on end, authorities said Simmons was happy to see the troopers as they arrived. And Sgt. Oxandaboure had no issue quickly handling the slithering surprise.

"This trooper had to be a good ole country boy," Simmons said to Oxandaboure after the fact. "He reached in there, grabbed that snake, and pulled him right out like it was a cute little kitten."

Officials said the creature turned out to be harmless. And it turns out Oxandaboure's arrival wasn't just beneficial to the driver. Realizing the snake was nonvenomous, officials said he took the time to release the snake into a swampy area near his office.

Meanwhile, Simmons told officials the troopers were extremely helpful and made a positive experience out of an otherwise stressful situation. 

"They were very light-hearted and had a good sense of humor," she told officials. "Those troopers were awesome!"

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