After the turkey comes Black Friday, and the deals are already here. Thousands of people began burning the calories from their Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night by looking for the best Black Friday deals, and many of them found their way to Macon's Target on Presidential Parkway for the beginning of the store's final holiday weekend.

Shoppers lined up waiting to get inside, some with a game plan and others just looking for some good deals.

"Really, just the hottest deal, whatever's going on, what ever the kids want for Christmas," shopper Nora Gibson said.

Gibson, whose daughter joined her to experience Black Friday for the first time, hopes to make the shopping holiday a tradition.

"It's really fun and they have really good deals," Gibson's daughter, Madison Bunnell, said.

But this tradition will no longer continue at the Macon store in 2018. The store is closing its doors after the holiday season and not everyone is looking forward to it.

"It's kind of a bittersweet moment, but at least I got my T.V. and I'm happy," shopper Jaris Tobler said.

Shopper Brittany Lesser loaded up her shopping car with teddy bears and sees the store's closure as a loss for Macon.

"It's sad for the community because it's taking away jobs from the area," Lesser said. "People without transportation are not going to be able to go to any other Target because there is nothing local."

But for Gibson, there's hope just about 20 miles away.

"It's going to make the Warner Robins Target, which is the next closest one, even busier, and that is a sad thing," Gibson said.

Shopping at Target wrapped up at midnight on Thursday, but the store will open at 6 a.m. Friday.

Target is scheduled to close the store for good on February 3, 2018. When 13WMAZ asked earlier this month, Target Communications said they do not plan to open another store in Macon or the surrounding area.