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What plumbers say not to do to make sure your drain doesn't clog on Thanksgiving

You need to be careful when disposing cooking oils and putting food down the garbage disposal.

TAMPA, Fla. — If you’re cooking or hosting Thanksgiving this year, plumbers want you to be aware of a few things that could go wrong.

As the owner of Olin Plumbing in Tampa, Derek Olin has been doing this for 52 years. 

"Our busiest time is right around the holidays," Olin said.

Olin has owned his own company in Tampa Bay since 2009 and explained there’s never been a Thanksgiving where his crews haven't responded to an emergency. That's why he wants you to be plumbing prepared.

He explained a big thing he sees, year after year, is grease down the drain.

"Grease, oils and foods are going to inhibit the drain from draining properly," Olin stated. That can cause a pipe to clog. Cooking oil solidifies pipes and sewage lines, which constricts water flow.

That could cause a sewage overflow in your neighborhood. Officials explain you should put your grease in a plastic container and drop it at one of Hillsborough County's waste locations.

Olin says another issue his crews come across is when people put a ton of food down the garbage disposal. 

"Most of the time, people will overfeed the garbage disposal," Olin said.

Olin explained food like potato peelings should be scooped up with your hands and put in the trash. And it's not just food to be aware of. 

"Watch your silverware. We have found forks, spoons and things of this nature," Olin said.

Also, be aware of jewelry. 

"Watch your rings. If you have that disposal running and your ring slips off, it’s going to eat it up," Olin said.

Just be aware of what your guests are flushing down the toilet, too. Remember, wipes are not flushable. If something breaks, you can call for a clog or a damaged drain. 

Olin said what you don’t want to do is more damage by trying to fix it yourself.

"You can damage your plumbing system and cause other issues down the road," Olin said. 

Olin Plumbing and many other companies across the Tampa Bay will respond to emergency calls on holidays.

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