For three decades now, one family in Central Georgia has gone above and beyond to spread a little Christmas cheer in their community.

Tonight is the kick-off for this season of lights, which they say is the largest private lights display in Georgia.

"For us, it's a magical place," says Joey Tripp.

He and his family are already in the Christmas Spirit. In fact, they have been since September, when they started putting up their lights

"We don't finish until a few minutes before opening day," laughs Tripp.

Last year was their largest crowd yet. In the course of a little over a month, about 15,000 people walked through their yuletide yard.

It all started with a Christmas wish.

"When I was 10 years old, explains Tripp, "I was diagnosed with cancer, bone cancer, and one of the things I requested...was to see the Christmas lights."

Those lights turned into half a million lights

"During the daytime, it doesn't look like much," says Marie Tripp. "But when it's all lit up at night it looks like a little Disneyland."

They have just about everything one could imagine, from the more traditional candy canes to the not-so-traditional Christmas hippo.

"We're not like your typical people," says Marie Tripp. "We don't get souvenirs. My husband hunts Christmas."

"I've been doing it so long that I'm addicted to Christmas," says Joseph Tripp with a smile.

In fact, he says he is very good friends with Santa, who makes an appearance every weekend. One special part of their display was a gift to Santa years ago.

"It's made out of Dairy Queen cups," says Mr. Tripp, showing the ornament hanging in their carport.

Now, they say that little girl brings her little girl.

Many might be curious what the electric bill looks like, but they keep that under wraps.

"We don't get each other Christmas presents," Mrs. Tripp says. "This is our Christmas."

For this family, their gift is seeing young and old experience their winter wonderland.

Mrs. Tripp beams, "We've had several people get engaged in our yard!"

For them, it is bigger than the lights and the blow-up characters and the seven-foot tall nutcrackers.

"We see these lights as a family bond," says Tripp. "Because it gave us something to hold onto in our darkest hour."

They hope what they do will make someone else's day merry and very bright.

There is no cost to those that want to visit the Tripp Christmas display.

For a list of times, visit their website.