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Here’s how the cost of certain Thanksgiving ingredients differ at popular stores

Here is a look at the lowest possible price for common Thanksgiving items at four popular stores.

ATLANTA — It’s no surprise to anyone that Thanksgiving dinner will be a bit more expensive this year. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of the dinner will be 20 percent more than in 2021.

The survey included 10 to 12 menu items totaling $64.05 as the average price.

11Alive checked four popular stores (Target, Walmart, Publix, and Kroger) that have a wide range of ingredients and have locations anyone could get to. Since everyone’s menu is different and everyone has their own special ways to make certain dishes, we stuck to the stereotypical items or basic ingredients to make dishes. We searched for the lowest possible price for the items and listed the items, with readily available prices online. Items that gave a result of “prices vary” depending on store location are not listed. 

(All prices are based on what's advertised on each store site, availability, and could change after this article was written.)

Walmart came out the cheapest in five of the 10 categories, with Kroger winning in four of the 10 categories. Target and Publix tied for the most expensive items. However, Kroger wins as the cheaper store if buying all the items listed below.

If you were to buy one of each of the cheapest items (regardless of the store) listed below and one dessert, the cost would be $28.38 before tax.

If you were to buy all the items (one per category) at the same store, the costs would be:

Walmart: $38.14 (if you buy the cheaper dessert)

Kroger: $32.92 (if you buy the cheaper dessert)

Target: $44.39 (if you buy the cheaper dessert)

Publix: $42.24 (if you buy the cheaper dessert)

Turkey: Winner, Publix (price dependent on sales and coupons)

Target: $23.80, Butterball turkey, $.99 per lb, 16-20lb turkey

Kroger: $15.18, Store brand turkey, $.69 per lb, 20-24 turkey (This item is currently on sale. A coupon is available on the website that would make this item cheaper with the purchase of other items.)

Walmart: $20.94, Honeysuckle White turkey, $.98 per lb, 16-26lb turkey

Publix: $12.74, Store brand turkey, $.49 per lb, 24-28lb turkey. (This item is currently on sale until 11/23.)

Sweet Potatoes: Winner, Kroger/Publix for individual potatoes, Walmart for a 3lb bag

Target: $.99 per lb, individual potato/$2.99, Store brand, 3lb bag

Kroger: $.49 per pound, individual potato/$3.99, Store brand, 3lb bag

Walmart: $.63 per lb, individual potato/$2.98, Simply Perfect brand, 3lb bag

Publix: $.49 per pound, individual potato (prices for 3lb bags were not readily available)

Green Beans (canned): Winner, Walmart

Target: $.65 per can, Good & Gather brand, 14.5 oz

Kroger: $.89 per can, store brand, 14.5 oz

Walmart: $.50 per can, Great Value brand, 14.5 oz

Publix: 10 cans for $10, multiple brands, 14.5 oz

Cranberry sauce (premade or canned): Winner, Walmart

Target: $1.49, Market Pantry brand, 14 oz

Kroger: $1.50, store brand, 14 oz

Walmart: $1.36, Great Value brand, 14 oz

Publix: 2 for $2, Ocean Spray brand, 14 oz

Russet Potatoes: Winner, Target and Kroger

Target: $2.99, Good & Gather brand, 5lb bag

Kroger: $2.99, store brand, 5lb bag

Walmart: $3.97, Idaho Potatoes brand, 5lb bag

Publix: $3.99, store brand, 5lb bag

Dinner/Crescent Rolls: Winner, Kroger per item 

Target: $3.49, Pillsbury brand, 8 crescent rolls

Kroger: $1.49, store brand, 8 crescent rolls

Walmart:  $1.78, Great Value brand, 8 crescent rolls

Publix: $3.29, Buy 1 Get 1 free, Pillsbury brand, 8 crescent rolls

Milk (whole): Winner, Walmart

Target: $3.99, Good & Gather brand, gallon

Kroger: $2.89, store brand, gallon

Walmart: $2.33, Great Value brand, gallon

Publix: $4.74, store brand, gallon

Pumpkin Pie (pre-made): Winner, Kroger

Target: $4.99, Rocky Mountain brand, 8 in. pie

Kroger: $3.99, Bakery Fresh brand, 8 in. pie

Walmart: $4.28, Freshness Guaranteed brand, 8 in. pie

Publix: $4.99, pie baked in-store with 24 hours’ notice, serves 4-6

Pecan Pie (pre-made): Winner, Walmart

Target: $8.99, Rocky Mountain brand, 8 in. pie

Kroger: $5.99, Marie Callender's, 32oz pie (This item is frozen.)

Walmart: $4.98, Freshness Guaranteed brand, serves 5

Publix: $8.99, pie baked in-store with 24 hours’ notice, serves 4-6

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