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'The Angel Moms Club' How these Central Georgia moms are coming together to help each other heal

A group of moms decided to turn their tragedies into a healing group.

MACON, Ga. — After going through painful losses, a group of moms decided to turn their tragedies into a healing group. 

It was supposed to help moms in Central Georgia but ended up expanding to Africa.

"CJ was almost 2 when he passed away," said Seante Underwood.

"She was 20 when her baby daddy killed her," said Zodic Jackson.

"To make that decision to take a child off life support, it was almost like I was killing her," Linda Knight.

All of these moms have different stories, backgrounds, and lives. But they all share one common tragedy: losing a child.

"She was my first child, and the doctors told me I could never have kids," Linda Knight said.  "When I did get pregnant with her, it was the best thing because I knew if nobody else loved me that this baby would love me."

After losing her 2-year-old son, Felicia Williams started 'The Angel Moms Club' for mothers who have lost a child. 

She met another mom who could empathize with her pain. Then, she realized how useful it would be for other moms that have lost children.

"It's fulfilling that we can be out here and help in different aspects because we have all lost a child in a different time of all of our lives," said Felicia Williams.

They know they are never alone in the uphill battle. They are all fighting together.

"I can go and be with them, and they are those shoulders I can lean on, cry on, and all that good stuff," said Zodic Jackson.

The Angel Moms Club is excited to have its first in-person meeting in August after meeting on zoom for a while due to covid. The group has over 75 members, one of which includes a mother in Africa that lost her child too. 

Williams told me the mother hopes they can all take a trip to see her in Africa one day.


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