MACON, Ga. — Ten years ago, three Macon brothers decided to start their own business baking cheesecakes.

Gregory Wade, Sr. is the father of the boys and helped them start the business.

It all began when the oldest, then 11-years-old, asked if he could be taught how to bake cheesecake. Wade Sr. had just lost his job and the boys wanted to make sure he never had to work for anyone again.

“I was amazed,” said Wade Sr.

Garrian Wade, the middle brother, assumed control of the business from his dad when he was 16. He says all three brothers are still involved in the business, 10 years after its creation.

The business has grown and now sells more than just cheesecakes. Wade joked as he talked about all the items on the menu.

“I don’t know how I stayed fit so long,” said Garrian.

All the flavors were created by the brothers. Two of their most popular cheesecake flavors are strawberry white chocolate and sweet potato white chocolate.

Wade reminisced at how young he and his brothers were when they started the business. He claims that the brothers were the youngest entrepreneurs in the state.

“When we started one was younger than us,” said Garrian.

The family is opening a new location in celebration of its 10th anniversary. They’ve been at four previous locations, but the new storefront for Three Brothers Cheesecakes will now be located at 3195 Mercer University Drive.


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