MACON, Ga. — After weeks of game play and a final tribal council, Season 38 of Survivor ended with a 4th place finish for Rick Devens.

All season long, viewers in Macon and around the United States have watched as 18 competitors (14 of them new, four from previous seasons) have eliminated each other week by week in Fiji.

One of those 14 just so happened to be a morning news anchor at WGXA in Macon, Rick Devens.

Now, the way the season worked was different from previous years. For example, Devens was eliminated fourth on Day 11 but opted to go to the ‘Edge of Extinction,’ an abandoned beach with little to no amenities.

Devens stayed on the island and waited for an opportunity to re-join the main game, which he did successfully on Day 17.

As the game wound down Wednesday, Devens – much to the chagrin of his competitors – stayed in the running despite several failed attempts to eliminate him in recent weeks.

Throughout the course of the season, an underdog storyline was set up by show editors, who featured him more than any other contestant.

Devens will be speaking live to 13WMAZ following the finale in our 11 p.m. newscast. Don’t miss it!