PERRY, Ga. — After his granddaughter Mary Elizabeth Paris lost her battle with leukemia at 13-years-old, Joe Posey started raising awareness for childhood cancer across the country.

"Mary Elizabeth was the kindest, most loving kid I've ever known," said Posey. "It's just a topic people don't like to talk about and I was the same way."

Watching his granddaughter fight cancer opened Posey's eyes to how much research needs to be done on childhood cancer.

"These kids are suffering," said Posey. "One of the things I've learned is there has been very little progress in the medical field dealing with childhood cancer."

Which is why Posey decided to use one of his favorite pastimes to raise money for cancer research with the 3rd Annual Mary Elizabeth Memorial Golf Tournament at the Houston Lake Country Club in Perry.

According to Posey, over 160 golfers are already signed up to compete on Sept. 16. All proceeds from the tournament go to St. Jude Children's Hospital, United for a Cure Foundation, and the James E. Worrall Foundation.

If you would like to register, call the Houston Lake Country Club at 478-218-5252.


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