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A dog got its head stuck in a sink -- and Pickens County EMS came to the rescue

The dog was not injured during the predicament.
Credit: Pickens County Fire Rescue

PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. — After wrapping up an emergency medical call, a Pickens County Fire and Rescue crew was called to help a dog that got itself into an interesting predicament.

A family was waiting for emergency personnel at the station and pled to crews to help rescue their pup. 

According to PCFR, the curious dog managed to get its head stuck through an old sink. Despite trying, the family was not able to free the dog.

Photos show the pup had managed to squeeze its head through the sink's drainage hole. The dog's body from its neck down was free, but its ears were practically stuck to the bottom of the basin. Needless to say, there wasn't much tail wagging as the dog rested much of its weight on its hind legs.

Emergency responders were careful to cut the sink and free the family's four-legged friend. The pup was happily reunited with its family, according to the rescue crew.


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