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'This looks serious': Vineville Christian Towers floods after pipe explosion

The residents were told to evacuate the complex and received help from coordinators about their belongings.

MACON, Ga. — According to residents at Vineville Christian Towers, the building started flooding on December 24 and more problems occurred on Christmas Day. 

Cedric Ford was in his apartment when he heard a loud boom. He went to wash dishes and noticed the water wasn't turning on. He says he asked his neighbors if they had running water but they did not. 

"I said this looks serious, very serious," Ford said. 

Ford decided to go to the lobby to speak with someone but found the lobby flooded with water and debris. 

In our initial report yesterday, we told you the Bibb County Fire Department was called to the complex because water pipes exploded. When they arrived they found, exposed pipes on the ninth floor.

Because of the cold weather Georgia has seen, the pipes froze and burst. Maintenance had been working on them before the flood waters began.

Ford and 54 other residents were evacuated from the building and taken to two different hotels. Ford was not able to grab everything but was thankful the building staff found them a place to stay.

"At the present time, they're trying to get back into the building to get my medications. They're trying to find out whether or not they can go in there and get my medication for me," Ford said.

13WMAZ briefly spoke with coordinators who were helping residents staying at The Laquinta Inn. They told us their main priority was taking care of the residents. Henry Johnson has lived at the complex for almost 4 years. He says "they're trying to get back into the building to get my medications."

There was no word on how long the residents would be able to stay at the hotel or when they could go back to their apartments. Residents were told it was unsafe, which is why they were evacuated initially. 

Ford and Johnson say the coordinators have been working with all of them to get an essential they need like medications, important documents, and additional clothing. 

"They've gone far, above and beyond to make sure that we are settled in and we're alright. That part I love," Johnson said.

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