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Answering Your Questions: 2023 Georgia surplus tax refunds

The state senate approved the measure this week. The governor is expected to sign off soon.

MACON, Ga. — Many people look forward to getting a tax refund, but this year, yours might be a bit more than expected.

This week, the state senate passed a bill that would give an additional tax rebate to Georgians who paid taxes in 2021 and 2022. The state house passed it last month. The governor is expected to sign it soon. 

With the news came questions from some of you. So, we set out to answer them.

Lorenzo Alsobrooks: 'What if you didn't get last year's rebate?'

According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, there are a few reasons you may not have gotten last year's surplus tax refund. Here are some of the most common:

  • You may not have filed both a 2020 and 2021 tax refund.
  • Your tax amount due in 2020 was $0.
  • You're a part-year or non-resident taxpayer with a refund amount less than $1.
  • You were claimed as a dependent in 2020.

Kimberly Ourlian: 'When will they be issued? What if we already filed taxes?'

If you already filed, no worries. Last time, the revenue department said the state would deposit the money into your account, or mail you another check. You can expect the money six- to-eight-weeks after the governor signs the bill.

Kimberly Ann Tindall: 'What if you filed taxes but didn't owe any?'

According to the bill text, you should be good to go. The bill is written based on tax liability, meaning the total you pay for the year. It's not written on any amounts due on Tax Day.

There's a change to the eligibility requirements this year. Dependents like college students and high school students who worked are eligible.

The governor hasn't signed the bill yet, but is expected to make it official soon. Governor Kemp proposed the refund earlier this year after making it one of his campaign promises.

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