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Georgia Grown welcomes Good Lolli to the state fair

As part of Georgia Grown's partnership at the state fair, Good Lolli is selling some sweet treats.

PERRY, Ga. — At the Georgia National Fair this year, expect to see something sweets that's not funnel cake or lemonade. You can only find it in the Georgia Grown building on the eastern side of the Georgia National Fairgrounds. We're talking about Good Lolli. 

Kevin and Miiah Eubanks started Good Lolli, the gourmet lollipops in 2019. Kevin says his wife came up with the business after going on an anniversary trip. He says he and his wife are entrepreneurs and have other businesses but not candy related. However, they are excited to come to the fair.

"We're a Georgia Grown company like many of the other ones here, and we are thrilled to be out here with Georgia Grown. They have a little market out here with a ton of Georgia-made products."

Georgia Grown is an agribusiness that promotes local producers, suppliers and retailers in the state. Eubanks says what makes their lollipops different from other candies is they have something inside of them. Whether you're looking for something sweet or savory, they will have it.

"We use real fruit. We dehydrate strawberries and mango and dragonfruit. Our cheesecake lollies have freeze-dried cheesecake inside. Our watermelon lollies, we use these candied watermelon seeds. It's kind of our signatures to put something in it," Eubanks said

Other types of lollipops include gummy bears, birthday cake, dill pickle and lucky charms. Eubanks said the first lollipop his wife made was their glazed doughnut.

"I tasted it and it was amazing, and I remember the phrase I told my wife, 'It had legs.' My thought behind it was I felt like this was big, we could turn this idea she had into a real business," Eubanks said.

Since they started selling Good Lolli gourmet lollipops have been sold at some stores in central Georgia. One of them being Lanes Southern Orchard and other boutiques and shops in the Warner Robins and Perry area. 

If the sugar isn't for you, there are another type of lollipops they sell that is Keto based. Eubanks says it's sugar free.

"It's made with isomalt and monkfruit. Zero sugar, you'd have to eat about 10 to catch a gram of sugar," he said.

Eubanks hopes the business will grow and they can expand to reach more customers at the fair.

If you are interested in seeing the line of flavors, go to their website.

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