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It's been a big few weeks for brunch.

On Tuesday, the company responsible for Lunchables announced it was launching Brunchables with individual portions of breakfast food. Click here for more details about Brunchables.

That announcement followed recent news that Taco Bell was testing churro donuts. The fast food chain confirmed in an email that the test was starting this week in Kansas City, and that the donuts are made of a circular churro that's coated with cinnamon sugar. They cost $1 each and are only available during breakfast.

Taco Bell did not say if or when the donuts would be available nationwide.

"Taco Bell tests menu items in various markets to gain further insight on the preparation of the item, how it’s received and liked by customers and more," a spokesperson said in an email. Online, fans already are expressing excitement.

Aldi's, meanwhile, recently confirmed that it is once again selling premixed bottles of mimosa. The discount grocer Tweeted a link to a POPSUGAR post reporting that 750-milliliter bottles of mimosa would be on sale for $9 each nationwide beginning this week. The offer will continue while supplies last. 

The mimosa comes in two flavors: orange and pineapple. POPSUGAR reported that while the orange flavor was introduced last year, the pineapple flavor is new.

If you prefer wine with your brunch, Cupcake Vineyards has a new product you may want to check out: wine in a can. The winemaker is selling 375-milliliter cans of Sauvignon Blanc and Rose for $5.99 each. Click here to find a Cupcake wine retailer.


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