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Ways to Save: Tips for saving money on your household energy bill

According to EIA, the average residential customer in Georgia spends about $130 a month on electricity.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Do you constantly have your A/C running, or do you use hot water to clean your clothes in the washer? You could be saving a few dollars by changing up how you use them. Here are a few ways to save on your energy bill. 

We spoke with Rod Green from Flint Energies. The electric membership corporation (EMC) out of Warner Robins. The nonprofit electric company providing electricity to consumers in 17 counties in central Georgia. He recommends using cold water to wash your clothes instead of hot water can help save on hot water usage. 

"The hot water that comes through there uses quite a bit of energy when it comes through. It's just that the element that's in a hot heater uses a whole lot of energy." 

Other tips are as follows:

1. Changing your regular light bulbs to LED light bulbs. Using four LEDs will cost the same amount as a regular light bulbs. This can cut the light cost to about 75%.

2. Keeping your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter can save you energy too. When it's hot outside, turn the A/C on but keep the temperature up. Same for when it's cold outside, turn heat on but keep the temperature down. 

3. Don't use ceiling fans unless you are in that room. Ceiling fans use up energy, so limiting their usage can make a difference.

4. While the fall temperatures slowly trickle their way into Central Georgia, weatherstripping the doors will keep the cool breeze from sweeping around the doors.  

5. Using your dishwasher to wash a full load of dishes instead of handwashing them. By letting the water run while handwashing, you are using up water that's going down the strain.

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