MACON, Ga. — If you live in the Vineville or Ingleside neighborhood, you could soon see a new breakfast restaurant during your morning commute. 

On Monday afternoon, the Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning board will decide if a Waffle House will replace an old Bibb County fire station.

Almost every day, Michael Chaffee walks down Forsyth Road.

"Early morning and sometimes late in the evening, going back and forth from work to home," Chaffee said.

There's one thing that always catches his attention.

"It is an eyesore," Chaffee said about the old Macon-Bibb County Breezy Hill Fire Station near the Museum of Arts and Sciences. "It's just a waste of space really."

If Sanford McAllister gets his way, the old fire station could become a Waffle House. 

Documents show the Waffle House would face Forsyth Road and the Macon Water Authority would keep control of its water tower behind the restaurant. 

The MWA would also control its water tank and pump building behind the restaurant.

"The walk would definitely be worth it every morning," Chaffee said.

If approved, the zoning report says there should not be any extra foot or vehicle traffic outside with customers walking from the parking lot to the restaurant. 

If it all works out, the restaurant famous for always being open could be opening its doors for business right along the busy road. 

"I would wake up early just to come and get breakfast and come to work," Chaffee said.

It is important to know that documents show there are at least six other agencies that have to sign off and approve this Waffle House, like the State Department of Transportation and the county health department.

For a full break down of the Planning and Zoning report, you can click here

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