GREENSBORO, N.C. — When I get something addressed to:

Sir or Madam
To Whom It May Concern
 Valued Customer

I usually don't pay much attention. But if I see my name, and it's spelled correctly, I’m thinking the item really is for me. This text message reads:

Winner Text With Names

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It included two real names of two real people, making it believable enough for my friend, who got this text, to ask me about it. Here’s the trick 2 Wants To Know uses to look up these items.

How to look up a text to see if it is a scam

In the Google search bar, type in the text message and make sure to put the text message in quotation marks, this makes it easier for Google to narrow the search.

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As soon as I started typing this text in, you could see all the Google searches for this pop-up, already an indication this is going around.

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And as expected, when the Google results came up, there was one article after another confirming it is a scam.

Never click on a link sent to you by an out-of-the-blue email or text. Always look up the number and call the business you’re a customer to see if it’s real.

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