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'We consider them family': United Way of Central Georgia uses fundraisers to help ALICE families

One mother couldn't be more grateful for the services, resources and events provided by the United Way of Central Georgia.

MACON, Ga. — The United Way of Central Georgia uses fundraisers to help ALICE families in the community. Without them, these families have to cover basic needs. Daniel Charles explained what ALICE means.

"ALICE is one of our newest initiatives that we’re doing here at United Way Central Georgia and it is an acronym and it stands for asset limited, income constrained, employed. Those are most of our families that we work with that are employed but still have several barriers that they have to endure," Charles said.

Veronica Benitez was in a bad place a few years ago and needed help.

“I had my baby she was two months old then and I was really in a bind. I didn’t have any kind of financial assistance to buy diapers that I really needed. I needed them for her and I felt awful because as a mom you’re like 'I’d like to provide for my baby,'" Benitez recalled.

Benitez needed to build up the courage to reach out for help, but she said it was so rewarding.

"Let me contact my parent-teacher educator. Let me ask her for advice. I really feel like they are very very inspirational and motivational as far as helping families be better," Benitez said.

Her kids consider the staff family.

"One of my favorite things my son always says to me ‘Oh so is Melissa my family?’ I’m like ‘Of course’. We consider them family and the kids they see the difference. They see the impact that these parent-teacher educators are doing in our lives," Benitez laughed.

The UWCG will have a diaper drive next week to help these families. Charles said it's more than just a donation.

"It's not about giving out things. It's about just giving a hand up and helping these families meet their essentials and everyday needs," Charles explained.

The drive will run from Sept. 18 until Sept. 24. All diaper donations can be dropped off at the Brookdale Resource Center.

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