CHARLOTTE, N.C. - It's no 'rom-com', but grab the tissues just to be safe.

Major Dave Gentile has spent the last four months serving for the U.S. Air Force in Kuwait.

While his crew fought against ISIS related activities, his wife, Jennifer, patiently waited for his return.

"I'm just incredibly happy to be here," said Jennifer on the day of his scheduled arrival in Charlotte. "It's been a long, long four months."

Around one hundred family and friends gathered to see the airmen's arrival.

NBC Charlotte mic'd Jennifer up before her husband hit the ground.

She predicted waterworks.

"Last time, I thought I'd hold it together and it didn't happen," said Jennifer. "I'm excited for the dog to see him, it's going to be hilarious."

Major Dave Gentile is a pilot in the U.S. Air Force tasked with flying his crew home. The traditional flight over family and friends is a fan favorite, but Jennifer is ready to reunite on the runway.

"Alright honey, where you going?" Jennifer said playfully.

After months away serving the country and thousands of miles in the air, the moment we all waited for, finally arrived.

"Oh God, it's good to see you!"

Married for nearly 13 years, the pair looked like newlyweds.

"I am so proud of you," Jennifer told Dave in between kisses.

"Was this one easier on you than the first [deployment]?" asked Dave.

"It never gets any easier," answered Jennifer.

But the hard part is over and the reunion begins.